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We built our AI-Purpose Generator to help you better define your vision. And our Marketing Assistant is just that, your co-pilot for any and all marketing work.

ai tools for better marketing
ai-purpose generator

AI-Purpose Generator

A clearly defined purpose wins hearts + minds.

Not only will you receive purpose statements, but you’ll also unlock the following.

  • Define your differentiation
  • Improve your brand story
  • Make your complex thoughts, clear vision
  • Increase your engagement
  • Purpose Generator: Hello! With this tool you can get free ideas about the vision and purpose of your company. To get started, what's the name of your brand?

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  • Nola AI: Hi, I'm Nola! I can help with any of your marketing work. To get started try asking a question. Ie. what can you do?

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AI Marketing Assistant

Get marketing advice and reduce your busy work.

A useful tool built to help you write, brainstorm, or strategize in the world of marketing. We built Nola AI using OpenAI infused with our marketing expertise, and some wizardry.


Try one of these Prompts (Tap to copy)
					Write a social media post for a company named [company name] with [product]. Our image includes [description].
					Come up with product names for my company named [company name] where the product does [feature 1], [feature 2], and [feature 3].
					Write a mission statement for my company that shares how we are [characteristic 1], [characteristic 2], and [characteristic 3].
					Create a social media strategy for a [industry] company that sells [products/services].

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