A human-led firm pioneering the future of marketing with AI.

We’re a few good humans who empower brands and lead marketing projects using purpose, fundamentals + AI.


co-pur-pose n.  1. A shared commitment to making an impact through building a brand or marketing initiative with purpose in strategy and direction. 

Don't worry, we're in this together.

Brands without purpose don't leave a mark with consumers.


How we work with brands like yours.

We believe that a modern marketing firm shouldn’t be defined by a list of digital marketing functions. Because let’s face it, building a great brand takes more than SEO, PPC, design, copywriting and social media.

Sure, we could do the whole list of services thing like branding, web design, hosting, and consulting. But, we think there’s better, more effective ways to work together.

Projects & Creative

What makes a brand stand out?

Is it marketing or the quality of the product? The answer is both, but the great brands blur those lines. The best creative marketing is:

  • Relevant + timely
  • Well-crafted
  • On-brand
  • Customer-centric

We use the latest tools, equipment, and AI to research, craft, and launch outstanding creative projects for our clients.

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Advice & Consulting
We’re like your marketing therapist. Pick our brain for an hour about software, get a few sessions in about building a content calendar, or get help with a strategic marketing plan. We love to help with:
  • Long-term marketing thinking
  • Picking and implementing software
  • Advice business and tech
  • Market research
Consulting has a bad rap. We’ve made it 100% transparent and easy. We work hourly, no long-term commitments, no minimums, and no billed lunches.

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Jumpstart Program

Our 6-week program is specifically designed to meet the needs of startups, businesses that have yet to engage in marketing efforts, and/or organizations that may have neglected their marketing.

We blend just the right amount of:

    • Consulting
    • Services
    • Creative

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All-Access Marketing

We bring our very best creative, strategy and project capabilities to the table in our All-Access Marketing service.

The best run companies treat their marketing departments like an agency. Why? They want the creative people to help enable sales, HR, and operations to do better work.

For the best chance at success, marketing requires a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation. We believe that the best form of marketing – is deeply integrated.

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Purpose Identification

We’re curious – What’s your story? How’d you get here? Why should someone buy from you?


Connect the Dots

By the way – What are your top business goals? How’s marketing going? What are your customers like?


Build Better Marketing

Think about this – Do customers know about you? Does your brand match their expectations? What does great look like?


Purpose isn't only about doing good.

Of course we want to do meaningful work and projects, but at our core, we help organizations define marketing.

We really, really wanted to make a splash.

But, to be honest, we’re still working on the rest of the website. So here’s a fun Copurpose-style smörgåsbord to hold you over until we finish up.

What's different about this firm?

We’re reimagining the agency model, blending human expertise with the power of AI.

We’re rethinking how an agency should work and using AI to not only replace old methods, but also, to enhance our human capabilities and offer more insightful, efficient, and personalized solutions for our clients.

We’re not just keeping up with the ever-evolving marketing landscape – we’re pioneering its future. Now is the perfect time to recreate the “marketing agency” – one that is built with the future inside.

How do I work with Copurpose?

Thanks for considering us! We currently have four different ways of working with you.

  • Start a creative project
  • Talk marketing with an expert
  • Jumpstart your marketing
  • Get an all-access pass

To get more information and our complete service breakdown, head here.

Do you have prices for your services?

Yes! And we’d love to share them with you. Just show us your prices first.

Just kidding, please reach out here and let’s chat quick – we’re ready to share.

Who founded Copurpose?

Copurpose was founded by Christian Cobb of Syracuse, NY.

Christian left his post as VP of Marketing at a private-equity backed manufacturer to start Copurpose. He has 11+ years of experience and has had the opportunity to lead marketing from all angles – in-house, and from within the agency world. 

He’s regarded locally as an expert in marketing and currently is a Professor of Practice in Marketing.

He founded Copurpose to build a better agency and believes in the notion that purpose in strategy and direction can create better outcomes.

What's with all the "purpose" stuff?

Purpose is the central idea behind Copurpose.

We believe that many people execute marketing because they think they should or they want to try it because it’s new. And, honestly – many agencies and consultants have contributed to the problem. The more “services” they offer, the more money they make.

But, marketing often fails under these circumstances. 

We don’t offer 1-off services like SEO, PPC, or social. We believe that marketing works best when it’s deeply integrated and done not as a reaction, but on-purpose – in conjunction with the client.

Why do you have AI tools?

Part of our purpose as a team and as a company is to work with and develop the latest technology – we believe that AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and low code / no code tools can help us with that mission.

So, we’ve gone ahead and developed a few tools that you can use in your daily life. Try it out

Where's your completed work?

We’re in the process of getting that approved and published on the site – you better believe we’re going to show it all off in version 2.0.

In the meantime, we’re happy to share directly with you if you need a few client samples.

Introducing Nola AI

Discover the power of AI with Nola, your personal chat marketing assistant. Nola is designed to handle all your marketing requests, providing quick, insightful, and data-driven help.

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